About Retinal Detachment

Bond Eye Associates pic

Bond Eye Associates
Image: bondeye.com

Through Bond Eye Associates in Illinois, Dr. Roger T. Adler cares for people with detached retinas and a variety of other conditions of the retina. In preparation for his medical career, Dr. Roger T. Adler secured his MD from the Chicago Medical School.

Retinal detachment constitutes a medical emergency requiring the care of a specialist. When it occurs, the retina, a part of the eye that is composed of highly light-sensitive cells, falls away from the tissues it is normally attached to. Since the retina is essential to vision, retinal detachment can result in permanent vision loss.

Often, retinal detachment begins as a tear or tears in the retina. Eye fluid enters these tears and starts a process that ultimately results in the detachment of the retina. Detachment can happen swiftly and with little to no warning, though patients do often experience flashing and the appearance of floaters.

Doctors treat detached retinas through surgery that reattaches the tissue to the eye. The type of surgery depends on the specific circumstances of the detachment in question.


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